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About us

World Class Travel is a boutique travel company with over 15 years in the industry. We specialize in luxurious personalized trips to Israel. Whether you are coming for a Bar-Mitzvah, Wedding,  Holiday, Family Vacation, or Business trip, our concierge approach ensures that even the minutest details are accounted for. With offices in both Israel and USA our clients receive quality service tailored to meet their specific needs. Your Israel vacation should be a special experience filled with unique memories. Our staff posses vast experience, passion, and take great pride in their work. The “little details” are never overlooked. Book with us and ensure that you are in the best of hands, will have peace of mind, and enjoy your trip!

 Our Experience

World Class Travel has over 15 years of experience in the luxury travel industry. We have developed and nurtured solid relationships with Israel’s most luxurious hotels, carefully selected the event planners,  tour guides, and transportation companies, to provide you with a well planned trip. Our trusted travel specialists are committed to providing you with well planned trips and events that will surpass your expectations.

We have offices in both Israel and the USA so you can feel confident knowing that we are always available to accommodate your wishes and needs. From the moment you contact us until after you return home, World Class Travel ensures that your journey is seamless, authentic, and beyond what you had imagined.


Our Team

Alex Herman
Tel: +972 2 530 0912
Joanne Odes
Director of Operations
Tel: +972 54 667 5648
Miri Lavie
Sales Manager
Tel: +972 2 530 910, (646) 844 6700
Shani Leibowitz
Accounting Manager
Tel: +972 2 530 0922
Leah Sheinfeld
Coordinator, Incoming Tourism
Tel: +972 2 530 0919
Bracha Spivack
Tour Operator
Tel: +972 2 530 0923
Dvorit Kamsler
Tour Operator
Tel: +972 2 530 0905
Orit Yerushalmi
Tel: +972 2 530 0921

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